About Us

Canada-Montenegro Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to our website. The Canada-Montenegro Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization who serves as the commercial reference of Montenegro for Canadian professionals and companies that have an interest in developing commercial opportunities in the Montenegrins market.


The Canada-Montenegro Chamber of Commerce plays a vital and active role in assisting individuals and Montenegrins companies in Canada as well as Canadian companies in Montenegro to expand their business. We support organizations and professionals by being a liaison between information, networking platforms and leaders. We are always committed to sharing business advantages and possibilities of both countries.


Our services will give you everything you need to expand your business. Whether you are a company that is starting or already established in the market, our services will help you succeed in the Canadian market

Commercial missions

Optimize your time and resources, clearly identifying your target market, as well as taking knowledge of the partners and potential customers that best suit you

Promotion and commercial

Take advantage of the resources and the network of information and contacts that the Chamber of Commerce has through its WEB and the various means of promotion to promote its products and services.

Business consultancies

Learn about the specific details of the Montenegrins consumer and how their businesses work, with personalized advice to help you develop your program of activities successfully.

Strengthening capabilities

The Chamber offers training, seminars, and workshops to meet the needs of companies and entrepreneurs interested in starting commercial projects with Montenegro.


The Montenegro real estate market is still an emerging market with a great deal of potential for capital growth. These are the main reasons for choosing Montenegro as an investment:

The political situation is stable, and the government is clearly orientated towards EU membership. Montenegro is the first country in line to be accepted in EU and is the newest member of the NATO alliance.

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